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SY-01 Ying Yang

SY-02 Happy Face

SY-03 Heart

SY-04 Number One

SY-05 Peace Sign

SY-06 Teddy Bear

SY-06A Teddy Bear

SY-07 Apple

SY-08 Four Leaf Clover

SY-08A Shamrock

SY-09 Paw Print

SY-10 Sunflower

SY-11 Dolphin

SY-12 Elephant

SY-13 Compact Disc

SY-14 No Smoking

SY-15 Turtle

SY-16 Stop Sign

SY-17 Frog

SY-18 Cent Sign

SY-19 Piano

SY-20 Keyboard

SY-21 House

SY-22 Snow Flake

SY-23 Electric Guitar

SY-24 Saxophone

SY-25 Guitar

SY-26 Fire Truck

SY-27 Fireman's Patch

SY-28 Fireman's Hat

SY-29 Cruise Ship

SY-30 School House

SY-31 Movie Set Clap Board

SY-32 Movie Ticket Stub

SY-33 Big Rig Truck

SY-34 Lighthouse

SY-34A Movie Film Strip

SY-35 Shooting Star

SY-36 Bumble Bee

SY-37 Beer Bottle

SY-38 Glass of Beer

SY-39 Wedge of Cheese

SY-40 Lady Bug

SY-41 Telephone

SY-42 Telephone

SY-43 "Call The Shots"

SY-44 Cowboy Boots

SY-45 Chili Peppers

SY-46 Dentists - "Just Drill Me"

SY-47 For Sale Sign

SY-48 Tropical Fish

SY-49 Sun, Moon & Star

SY-50 "Keep Us Together"

SY-51 Cow

SY-52 Ballerina

SY-53 Smiling Pig

SY-54 "It Grows On You"

SY-55 "Teachers Have Class"

SY-56 "Take The Heat"

SY-57 Telephone

SY-58 Telephone

SY-59 Humming Bird

SY-60 "A Cut Above The Rest"

SY-61 Music Note

SY-62 Palm Tree

SY-63 Gorilla

SY-64 Police Badge

SY-65 Police Car

SY-66 Police Hat

SY-67 Marijauna Leaf

SY-68 Crown
SY-69 Ambulance

SY-70 Music Note

SY-71 Band-Aid

SY-72 Medical Symbol

SY-73 Medical Symbol

SY-74 Martini Glass

SY-75 Pink Ribbon

SY-76 45 RPM Record

SY-77 Fire Hydrant

SY-78 33 RPM LP / Album

SY-79 Beer Mug